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XWiki is a Wiki Software package licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. It is an Enterprise wiki, with many features needed for professional usage. It is also an Application wiki which allows the creation of applications (including structured data and scripting) within the Wiki interface. The languages that can be used are Velocity and Groovy.

It is written in Java and uses an underlying relational database management system (MySQL or HSQLDB amongst others).

The Wiki syntax is rendered using the Radeox rendering engine.


XWiki was originally written by Ludovic Dubost and was first released in January 2003. The first version of the Wiki Farm ( was released in April 2003. It was first released under the GNU General Public License. It was announced in February 2006 that the license will be changed to the GNU Lesser General Public License. By the end of 2006 the release of the first Beta version along with the arrival of Vincent Massol at the head of XWiki development team were announced. Since then, work on the XWiki 1.0 version has been conducted and the version should be released by May 2007.


XWiki is an advanced wiki software which includes a number of professional features

  • User rights management (by wiki / space / page, using groups, etc...)
  • PDF export
  • Full-text search
  • Version control
  • Plugins, API, Programming...
  • More features on the official website here

On top of this, XWiki is also an application wiki that allows the creation of objects and classes within the wiki. This way, forms can be developed in a very short time span and be reused to enter data on the wiki following a specific template. This means that end users can be presented with a page on which the layout is already drawn, where they can directly fill in the fields needed.

Open-Source projectsEdit

XWiki relies heavily on other Open-Source projects to work. They include:

  • Hibernate: relational database storage
  • Lucene: to index all the content of a wiki and its attachments and allow the search within their content.
  • Velocity: a powerful template language
  • Groovy: for advanced scripting requirements
  • Radeox: the wiki rendering engine, it converts the wiki syntax to plain text

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