Development and HistoryEdit

Windows NT 3.5, codenamed Daytona, was released on 21st of September, 1994

The original themes for Daytona were size, performance, compression, and Netware compatibility. Two of those goals were emblematic of the time: DoubleSpace-style disk compression was a hot topic in the early 1990's, because disk space was at such a premium. Novell's Netware was the dominant Network Operating System of the day.

Daytona also benefited from new compiler technology which enabled Microsoft to compress the code size and enable realistic NT desktops on lower-end systems than the original version

System RequirementsEdit

Improvements over Windows NT 3.1Edit

Compared to Windows NT 3.1, Windows NT 3.5 finished off many of the features that were rushed in Windows NT 3.1 It has better OLE support, higher performance, and requires less memory.

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