Development and HistoryEdit

Windows 1.0 was Released November 20 1985, with the product codename Interface Manager first announced November 1983).

Windows 1.0 was a DOS GUI, and was able to work with several programs at same time, with the user possessing the ability to easily switch, without having to quit, and start individual applications.

System LimitationsEdit

One of the main drawbacks was, that it was limited to 640Kb memory. A Drawback now, but 640Kb was enough for all systems, back then.

Market PlaceEdit

Windows 1.0 was considered a commercial flop - Microsoft sales did not even break even. As it was aimed at the Business User, home users never saw this version.

Released VersionsEdit

Windows 1.0Edit

Initial Release

Windows 1.01Edit

Released November 1985

Windows 1.03Edit

Released in August 1986

Windows 1.04Edit

Release in April 1987

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