The Software Wiki is a database of software that anyone can edit!

But Wikipedia already has tons of articles about software! Edit

True, and those encyclopedic articles are a great source for entries on this wiki. But they are mostly just text, that only a human can read. On Wikipedia, you can't ask for a list of all free, operating systems, unless a user has manually added "[[Category:Free operating systems]]" or something similar to all the pages. And even then, he/she might have missed some pages. On the Software Wiki, Semantic MediaWiki is used to assign "properties" to pages, such as genre or price. A computer can understand and "read" properties, and therefore anyone can use a tool like Special:Ask to "ask" the wiki to show information about all pages with the price "free" and the genre "operating system". The possibilities are endless. Every time a user adds a new page, the database is expanded, and the next time someone searches for software, the new page might show up if it is relevant to the user's query.