This is the Software Wiki's directory of software developed and/or published by Adobe Systems.

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[[File:Adobe Photoshop.png|48x48px|Adobe Photoshop|link=Adobe Photoshop]]
[[Adobe Photoshop|Adobe Photoshop]]
link=Portal:released software Camera icon [[File:Adobe Photoshop CS6-Mac OS X Lion.png|thumb|Mac OS X|link=Adobe Photoshop]]
[[File:Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 icon.png|48x48px|Adobe Photoshop Elements|link=Adobe Photoshop Elements]]
[[Adobe Photoshop Elements|Adobe Photoshop Elements]]
link=Portal:released software Camera icon [[File:Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.png|thumb|Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 running under Microsoft Windows XP|link=Adobe Photoshop Elements]]
[[File:Adobe Reader.png|48x48px|Adobe Reader|link=Adobe Reader]]
[[Adobe Reader|Adobe Reader]]
link=Portal:released software Camera icon [[File:Adobe Reader X-Windows 7.png|thumb|Adobe Reader, Windows 7.x|link=Adobe Reader]]
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