Oddmuse is a Wiki Engine. Oddmuse is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is based on UseMod version 0.92, and lots of patches published on the UseMod site. The programs have diverged since the fork. Oddmuse is being developed by Alex Schroeder.

Oddmuse features

The core wiki engine consists of a single Perl script, which is intended to be kept shorter than 4,000 lines. More features can be added with modules (extensions).

Pages in Oddmuse wiki are stored in a flat file database, i.e. ordinary files. The structure was chosen to simplify Oddmuse.

Oddmuse aims to have all the features required to run multilingual sites. It has out-of-the-box Unicode support. A module allows users to specify the language of paragraphs, and to see only the text written in the languages they understand. Also language tags are supported. There is an ongoing effort to translate Oddmuse documentation into multiple languages.

Oddmuse is also developed for a suitable content managing system for weblogs. The combination of a wiki and weblog is sometimes called a Bliki. Oddmuse has several modules for bloggers, like calendar, comment pages and special weblog extensions. The developer thinks it has now all the necessary features for blogging.

The markup of Oddmuse wiki resembles UseMod markup. Some features can be turned off, and others added with a few modules like LaTeX support.

Oddmuse should produce valid XHTML 1.0 Strict web pages.

Oddmuse was the first wiki engine to implement page clusters. When one or more pages in a page cluster change, only the central cluster page shows up in recent changes. You can see the changes in detail in the central cluster page.


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