GeoGebra is a free interactive geometry software for education in schools. Its creator, Markus Hohenwarter, started the project in 2001 at the University of Salzburg, continuing it at Florida Atlantic University (2006-2008), Florida State University (2008-2009), and now at the University of Linz together with the help of open-source developers and translators all over the world. GeoGebra is written in Java and thus available for multiple platforms.

GeoGebra is dynamic geometry software. Constructions can be made with points, vectors, segments, lines, polygons, conic sections, and functions. All of them can be changed dynamically afterwards. Elements can be entered and modified directly on screen, or through the command line. GeoGebra has the ability to use variables for numbers, vectors and points, find derivatives and integrals of functions and has a full complement of commands like Root or Extremum. Teachers can use GeoGebra to make conjectures and prove geometric theorems.

Constructed projects can be exported in several formats. SVG vector images, can be further edited using third party software. EMF vector formats can be directly imported in several Office applications. There are also options for exporting to operation system clipboard and html export.